Carly & Scott // Our Rock & Roll Couple Dayton, Ohio Wedding

This week we'll be hosting two of Dayton's biggest fans, Carly & Scott, as they say I do!

How They Met

Scott and Carly met over 20 years ago through the Dayton music scene, mostly at Canal Street Tavern shows, but were never actually introduced to each other. Scott also used to work with Carly's older brother, Ryan in construction but never knew that Carly was Ryan's little sister. That was until one day he met Carly's Mom and Dad on a worksite job when they came to pay Ryan a visit. Carly's Dad, Curt, was extremely tall (6'8) and Scott made the comment after they left to Ryan, "Hey man, looks like you didn't get the height in the family?!" Ryan then mentioned, "Well, you should see my little sister, she's 6'0" blonde and looks just like my Dad. Curiousity then began! Scott and Carly became friends on Facebook soon after, discovered that they have several mutual friends, sometimes would run into each other at music shows around Dayton, but timing never seemed to be right to be properly introduced and connect.

Scott had then moved to Columbus, OH in February of 2007 and announced on Facebook eight years later that he would be moving back to Dayton to be closer to his family and friends. Carly had heard through her network a few times ironically, "Hey, did you hear Scott Bodine is moving home?!" So out of geniune curiousity she reached out to Scott and simply said, "Hey there! I know we don't know each other very well, but I'd be happy to show you around town and maybe we can get a drink or coffee sometime."

They planned to meet May 9th, 2015 at Wheat Penny for dinner followed by going over to Yellow Cab for a photography art show featuring Chris Corn Photography that had ironically snapped a few pics and displayed one of Scott playing guitar. Pretty awesome that three years later Chris would end up being their photographer for their engagement photos! Carly and Scott knew from an incredible night of connecting, realizing how many similar interests and mutual friends they share, that something was very special here. A goodbye hug at the end of the night solidified and sparked the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

The Proposal Story

Carly is one that does not like to be caught off guard or surprised and found it odd one Saturday morning when Scott said he needed to "go run a few errands" before they had planned on going to a LLS fundraiser classic car show with Carly's parents. Carly had been heavily supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society since her Dad had been diagnosed with Stage-4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer the previous year. Scott had been working on becoming close with Curt over the past three years of dating Carly and felt today would be the perfect day to surprise her and propose just before her parents arrived at their house! Scott totally caught her off-guard by coming home with an engagment ring, proposing to her in their kitchen, and it ended up being an excellent evening with the whole family.

About the Couple

Scott and Carly are a pretty fun and hilarious duo. They are both definitely extensions of each other, ironically both happen to be very tall and blonde, always support each other in their interests, dreams, and endeavors. Scott is heavily involved in all things music and they enjoy taking in live shows, as well as him playing them. They also enjoy getaways to the woods, state parks, etc. as much as possible. They love and are always highly entertained by spoiling and loving their 4 year old weimaraner, Otis, who is definitely their baby! They dream of building their forever home together soon and cannot wait to travel the world and take on new adventures.

Why The Brightside?

Carli, her husband Hamilton, and her mother Nanci are close family friends of Carly's family. Carli's younger brother Tony was actually Carly's older brother, Ryan's best friend in high school! Carly used to also work for Carli and Nanci at Bloombeads | Freezeframe as well.

The Dayton music scene has needed a universal venue like Brightside for so long and they are so excited to help support Brightside vision and mission! They are so thankful to have the support of the Dixon and Hames families to help make their dream day come true.

Photos by Chris Corn Photography

We cannot wait to host these two, and see Carly's vision for their special day come to life!

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