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Thank you for joining us!

We've gathered all the resources you need to help make planning and promoting your booth.  The more we all share and promote this event, the better everyone will do!

Marketing Resources

  • Facebook Event Page: Link

  • EventBrite Free Entry Ticket Link

  • Canva Stories Graphics: Link

  • Canva Posts Graphics: Link

Floor Plan.jpg

Vendor Booths

  • Booths measure 8ft wide by 6ft deep.  Please be sure to account for booth size with your design.

  • Booths include 1 - 8ft banquet table with black floor length linen.  If you do NOT want the table we're providing because you have your own setup, please email us at

  • We do NOT include signage so be sure to provide your own if needed. We will have your name labeled on the booth at load-in so you'll know which one is yours. 

  • We will have your name marked on your booth so you will know which one is yours.

  • If you requested a booth with electric, remember that you must bring your own extension cords.  We do not provide them.

  • Seller must provide their own credit card readers and make their own change.

  • Full lighting will be on in ballroom so additional lighting will not be needed by vendors (unless you have a very specific need for extra lighting).

  • WiFi Password: !Welcome1

Load-In & Set Up

9:00am - Booth Vendors can start load-in

10:30am - Food Trucks can load-in

11:00am - Gift Card Bar Vendors can start load-in

11:45am - Please be completely setup and ready for doors to open at 12pm.

5:00pm - Event ends and packing up can begin.

Vendors can load-in to the ballroom through the door next to the large garage door on the side of the building.  We do not have carts or dollys.


After you've unloaded your car, you will be asked to move it to the Blue or Green Overflow Lots BEFORE you start setting up your booth.

Every parking space we leave open in our two closest lots means a $hopper can get to you easier!  

Parking Map w overflow 2021.jpg
Tab One.jpg

Single Booth - No Electric

$75 Single Booth -Space is 8ft wide by 6ft deep and includes 1-8ft banquet table w/ black linen.

Tab Two.jpg

Single Booth - ELECTRIC
(Food Truck / Vending Truck)

$95 Single Booth w/ Electric.  Space is 8ft wide by 6ft deep and includes 1-8ft banquet table w/ black linen. Bring your own extension cords. 

Tab Three.jpg

Gift Card Bar

$35 Gift Card Bar Vendor - Includes a 2x2 table space with black linen (room to sell gift cards, but not merchandise). 

Have more questions?

Please feel free to email us directly at or give us a call at 937-410-0450.

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