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Belly up to The Vod-Vil Bar at The Brightside!  Deriving its name from the Vod-Vil sign that was mysteriously discovered on the property during our renovation, we like to think it’s the French spelling of Vaudville. Since Vaudville shows were known for their comedic sketches, songs, and general merriment, it sets the perfect tone for our Vod-Vil Bar.

Use of the Vod-Vil Bar is included with your Ballroom rental and is often used for a place to chill with friends before a show*, cocktail hour, extra space for buffet tables, or a quieter place for guests to gather once the party gets cranking in the ballroom. The Vod-Vil Bar also connects to the Patio for additional outdoor seating, yard games, or access to food trucks.

It's also the perfect setting for intimate shows and events like open-mic nights, spoken word, book signings or acoustic or jazz.

The bar is popular place amongst guests and truly feels like you have your very own neighborhood bar all to yourself!

Rental of just the Vod-Vil Bar is done on a case-by-case basis depending upon the time of year and booked show/event dates. Please specifically mention this in your inquiry, and learn more below.

*Please note that the Vod-Vil Bar is not a public walk-up bar.  It is only open for events and shows so be sure to check your event ticket to know when it will be open before and during during shows.


Bar Menu

Our bar menu features a mix of beer, wine, and liquors. We try to support local craft spirits and breweries, but also carry popular national brands. We do have 4 draft beer options and can work with you to bring in specific ones for your event when possible. 


Bar/Loft Calendar

Since our calendar gets so full we can offer bar only, loft only, or bar/loft combo events less than 90 days in advance. Typically these openings fall Sunday - Thursday, but some weekend dates are available from time to time.  Check  availability below.


Venue Rental Rates

Listed below you will see the rental rates for the Bar, Loft, and Ballroom for shows and events.  If you are planning a wedding, corporate event or other special event Friday-Sunday please head over to our Wedding Website for more details and pricing. 

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